Have you ever thought about taking up photography as a hobby but had no idea where to begin? Well, get yourself a camera and follow these 5 tips for budding shutterbugs.


#1 Selecting a Starter Camera:

As a new photographer, you won’t be able to select the highest quality camera, lenses, and equipment because at this point in time you won’t truly know what you will be photographing or where. As you venture out and snap a thousand photos eventually you will find your niche. Then and only then should you spend the money on the camera and equipment that properly suits your needs. For now, get yourself a simple point and shoot camera or check local garage sales for inexpensive cameras.

#2 Take your Camera Everywhere:

Your camera should be an extension of yourself. Take photographs of everything that stands out to you. Flora, Fauna, Buildings, Street Signs, People, take photos of everything. Sometimes it may seem that there is nothing of interest to photograph and then you should remember that one small subject often makes for the best photograph. Take a photo of your coffee cup with the morning light coming in a window or a single blade of grass. As you go along patterns will emerge and you will find your favorite places to photograph, subjects you prefer and even the lighting that you like. Carrying your camera with you allows you to never miss a photo opportunity as well and once you begin you won’t want to ever miss an opportunity.

#3 Complete a Photo Challenge:

Searching the web for photo challenges will turn up several results to choose from or you can create your own. Take your calendar and write down a random category or feeling for each day. Examples could be blue, wood, or excitement. Try to take a photograph representative of your daily challenge. For Blue, you could photograph a bluebird, a building, a saxophone or someone who is looking sad. Completing challenges will not only keep you photographing daily it will spark your creativity and provide different perspectives.

#4 Experimentation is Vital:

Make sure to continuously adjust the settings on your camera, testing them out repeatedly with different variations. Go to different locations from the middle of the woods to the downtown of the city. Try photographing at all hours of the day in all types of weather.

#5 Use Social Media to your advantage:

Hop on Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook and review the photographs on each site. Make notes of shots you want to try, places you’d like to shoot, perspectives that catch your eye. Document everything that is appealing to you and try to check these off the list regularly. Keep checking the sites regularly because social media is always moving.


Photography is an adventure, it takes you places you wouldn’t otherwise travel. The camera shows you things you wouldn’t have noticed. The most important thing about photography is to enjoy yourself, take your time and truly appreciate all the beauty in the world.